SHIFT-R-GATE Patent Pend.


            The Shifter-R-Gate is a new and unique modification to the Mopar automatic transmission console floor shifters used in 1966 to 1974 Chrysler Corp. A, B, C, E & F model vehicles. The Shift-R-Gate is a highly precision manufactured plate that replaces the stock shifter guide plate. This Shift-R-Gate lets you shift your transmission manually when desired just like the rare and expensive “Slap-Stick” shifters or aftermarket cable operated units. But with the Shift-R-Gate, you maintain the stock appearance and function for normal driving and you do not have to make permanent modifications to your stock console or fabricate cable linkages from the shifter to the transmission. All stock linkages remain in place. The kit is designed to work with all valve bodies on both 904 and 727 transmissions. This unit can even be removed, the stock gate reinstalled and moved to another vehicle if desired.

Now you don’t have to cut a hole in your console top plate or drill a hole in the body to run a cable and fabricate linkage to get the action of an expensive ratchet shifter. 

            The kit can be installed in less than an hour with hand tools and comes complete with mounting hardware and detailed instructions. 

Now Available in Forward and Reverse Patters for B Body, E & F Body





























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Please specify Forward or Reverse Pattern

Description Part # Price




66727 A,B C Body Forward Pattern PRND21   

66727R A,B,C Body Reverse Pattern PRN12D

66727F E & F Body Forward Pattern              

66727FR E & F Body Reverse Pattern            




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Reverse Pattern Decal

                                     This is a vinyl overlay of your stock shifter pattern indicator It does not light up at night, but looks great   

                RPatternDecal                     if you have a reverse pattern valve body

           Part # 66727RD

           PRICE $12.50 + $.50 Shipping








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